Sunday, September 30, 2007

Christy Southard - Tulsa, OK

When I was named as a delegate to the Summit, it seemed so far away but the time has gone quickly and here we are! While I was not sure exactly what to expect from the Summit, I knew I would meet incredible people, learn a lot and return home a changed person. I can say that all of this is true.

From the beginning, we've been challenged to communicate, connect and collaborate and that is what we have done. I have seen that no matter where we live or the jobs we do, we all care deeply about the breast cancer movement and to achieving the vision of a world without breast cancer. No matter what language we speak in our homes, here we all speak with one voice and with shared passion. Each country's issues may be packaged a little differently but at the heart, they're all the same - raising awareness, educating on the importance of early detection and providing screening and treamtent.

It is a privilege to participate in the Summit and to represent not only the United States but my state and Affiliate. I look forward to bringing home the information I've gathered and to continue communicating and collaborating with my new friends.