Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mari Carmen Forgach

Dear all:

My first impression when I was invited to the Global Summit and received the news that I was going to be a delegate was complete elation:

1) After evaluating my credentials, there was a decission I was elected as one in the group of delegates to the event.

2) I thought behind this there was a kind of a mystic reason for the invitation: my Father was Hungarian and as you may infer I immediately tied both events together.

I really worked very hard at organizing and getting everything in order to attend, though my activities are tremendously intense and that makes it more complicated, but I was really enthusiastic about the project. I should tell all of you, my newly acquired friends that relating to the whole of you was a most illuminating experience, in two days I learned far more about advocacy and the extraordinary people that are promoting the cure for breast cancer than I had every been exposed to. I confirmed many of my ideas in terms of my work at breast awarness and also the importance of the detection program that we are implementing in my group. More than ever I came home with the empowerment that I observed in all of you and it has given me great impulse to insist and apply all this observations that I had with my short but intense relationship in the field with all of you.

I am certain this will prove to be a great advancement for PROSAMA and for its impact in my country. Thanks again to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure and to the Global Summit.

As Louis Pasteur wisely said "My strength resides solely in my tenacity."

Mari Carmen Forgach
Executive Director
Grupo Pro Salud Mamaria "PROSAMA"
Mexico, D.F., Mexico.
P.S. Please send pictures!