Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Reflections Upon Arriving Home

Dr. Ute Bankamp
KOMEN Deutschland e.V. (KOMEN german affiliate)
Verein für die Heilung von Brustkrebs

I think I was one of the first participants arriving home today after this outstanding and unique first global breast cancer advocate summit – not only with a suitcase full of impressions and business cards but also with the promise to keep in contact and to support each other. Hopefully this is the beginning of a worldwide network of breast cancer advocates!

As an inhabitant of a high developed and high potential country I got a better comprehension about the differences concerning the global breast cancer problems – in particular the lack of (financial) resources, cultural and religious barriers.

Even in Germany we are far away from being able to offer a perfect regime of treatment, psychooncological advice and education to the aproximately 19.000 women and about 400 men who are newly diagnosed with breast cancer each year. But to recognize these strong distinctions I am fraught with deepest gratefulness to have had so much luck on the medical side but also with the lovely support of my husband, my family, friends and colleagues as I was diagnosed myself with breast cancer six years ago.

I would like to incorporate all these valuable experiences into my future activities, first of all the upcoming grants process.

Greatest thanks to Nancy Brinker for her unbelievable mission and Diana and her crew for organizing this outstanding lasting summit! Congratulations!!

With kind regards to all of you!