Friday, October 12, 2007

Rama Sivaram - Pune, India

Igniting the Promise at Budapest has lit up the canvas of women’s lives across the world. What is painted there is a picture of battles won and lost against breast cancer. The memorable weekend consolidated the bond and the promise between sisters- and the tribe has grown. From Nancy Brinker and Susan Komen, we moved into a global sisterhood of individuals and nations coming together in this first historic summit. And ‘there are miles to go before we sleep.’

When I stepped out of the cab after a long journey, my arms a little sore and feeling like a phantom wing, trying to help navigate the plane with my ROM; I felt a family was waiting for me. It was like homecoming, where I knew I could be open, frank, myself and speak the unspoken. I also knew by the grip of firm handshakes, these are hands of strength and purpose. As we learnt love, affection, camaraderie and humor, we also learnt from one another, through the posters and the talks how to build an arsenal against Breast Cancer.

Thanks to Komen for the Cure who have facilitated in procuring or sharpening our weapons- knowledge and skill, faith, hope and charity and a potent weapon called courage that breaks, silences, barriers and fears.

Memories of Budapest and memories of our personal journey are nestling within and behind my breasts. A voice from within urges me to say there is a little of us in every woman and vice versa.

Mary, when you said, "you just sit and wait for your death,” I am reminded of another line
“I felt a Funeral in my Brain.” Lets together stop the funerals, let’s not stop for death, nor kindly have it stop for us.

I would like to end with Emily Dickinson, one of my favorite woman poet. She says:

To fight aloud, is very brave-
But gallanter, I know
Who charge within the bosom
The Cavalry of Woe

Who win, and nations do not see-
Who fall- and none observe-
Whose dying eyes, No Country
Regards with patriot love-

After all there is a higher purpose in why we got the cancer and why we are together. Let us fight together.

Yours in Passionately Pink